Welcome to Department of Chemistry @ NIT, Manipur

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

Vision and Mission


The vission of Department of Chemistry, NIT Manipur is to  encourage young minds to allign themselves with international standard of excellence in education, learning and innovation. 



To equip the Department in delivering excellency in quality teaching and research by creating an energetic environment that dedicates..........

  • Healthy and self-govorning concepts, transfer of knowledge between faculties and students,
  • Promoting innovation and passion for science,
  • Use of latest technologial tools in learning process, and
  • International standard high quality research.

News & Announcement

  • GIAN course on "Translating metals into medicine: Since & Then" is rescheduled on 8-12 November, 2018: Course Coordinator: Dr. Mithun Roy, Foreign Faculty: Andriy Mokhir, University of Erlangen Nürnberg, , Germany


    Third Semester Students (2018-2020)

    1. Pritha Saha (18302005) – GATE (2019)

    2. Ngainem Kim (18302009) – JRF CSIR-UGC (2019)


    Pass Out Students

    1. Chandresh Kumar Patel – GATE (2019)

    2. Mohan Kumar – GATE (2019)

  • Dr. Chandi C. Malakar's research was recognised as best poster award in National conference (NIICT)  held in CSIR-IICT Hyderabad in 2016.

  • Dr. Chandi C. Malakar's research was recognised as best poster award in, "National Symposium on Advances in Chemical Sciences at Assam University, Silchar on 11-12 January, 2017".

  • Dr. Chandi C. Malakar's research was recognised as best research paper award in, "5th Annual International Conference on Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Chemical Process (CCECP 2017), Singapore, March 6-7, 2017."

  • Dr. Chandi C. Malakar's research was recognised as best poster award in, "National Symposium on Contemporary Facets in Organic Synthesis (CFOS 2017), during 22-24 December, 2017, IIT Roorkee".

  • Dr. Chandi C. Malakar received a GIAN course entitled "Novel Platform on Organocatalysis – Since & Then" in June 2018. The date of the course will be updated soon - Course coordinator: Dr. Chandi C. Malakar, Foreign Faculty: Prof. (Dr.) René Wilhelm (University of Paderborn, Germany).

  • Dr. Chandi C. Malakar completed a GIAN course entitled "Organic Synthesis Towards Greener Horizons: Challenges and Scope" during 27-02-2017 to 03-03-2017. Course coordinator: Dr. Chandi C. Malakar, Foreign Faculty: Prof. (Dr.) Uwe Beifuss, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart , Germany  

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