Academic Facilities

The Institute has all basic infrastructural facilities for conducting undergraduate courses satisfactorily. Its got adequate number of well quality and experienced faculty member and technical supporting staff.
This apart the Institute has the following facilities:-

Centralized Library
Computer Laboratory(Development-wise)
Upgraded Laboratories with latest equipments
Campus Internet(Local Area Network)
   AV1 Adm1

Campus Facilities

The institute has both Boys' hostel and Girls' hostel facilities. Presently there are two Boys' hostel and one Girl's hostel. However, seats are limited at present. In coming year, more hostels will be available in the campus itself for which master plan has already been prepared. the process of construction of hostels for both boys and girls has been initiated.Students proposing to stay in hostel are required to fill up a form for admission. The prescribed form is available with the officials of the office of chief warden.

Medical Facilities

A well-equipped Medical Unit with adequate Medical officer including supporting staff is available in the campus for rendering medical care to students,staff and other inmate in the campus. In case of emergency, arrangements are made for shifting the patient to the Regional Institute of Medical Science(RIMS), Imphal and JNIMS, Imphal, which are not for away from the campus.

Transportation Facilities

The Institute will have office bus services from temporary campus to permanent campus during working hours in the coming years. Adequate number of private buses and private vehicles are also available.

Banking & Post Office Facilities

The Bank of Baroda has opened a branch at NIT Langol Campus. ATM Machines of SBI and ICICI is located at the Institute campus.

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